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The interest of the British towards
properties in Bulgaria is increasing

The interest in buying properties in Bulgaria is gaining speed again among British buyers. These data are suggested by the UK property portal, based on the number of search queries for properties abroad, made through the site. Search queries for properties in Bulgaria increased by 60 % in January, compared to December last year, this being the largest monthly increase registered. Bulgaria has managed to maintain its 10th position since January last year. An annual increase of 2% is being recorded. The increased interest of the British in purchasing properties abroad is noticed on a general scale. The total search queries by British buyers on properties abroad rose in January by 25%, compared to those in December, and by 134% compared to January 2009.
A leading position among the preferred destinations has Spain, with a share of 35% of all search queries, followed by France, the United States of America, Portugal, Italy, Australia, UAE, Cyprus, Turkey, and Bulgaria on the 10th  position.

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