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Why Bulgaria Should Be At the Top of
Your Destinations List

A discussion of Bulgaria, where it is and what it has to offer as a country newly emerging on the tourist and investing map.

Bulgaria is perhaps one of the under estimated destinations in Europe.  Many may not even be able to accurately describe it's location.  It is however one of Europe's increasingly popular destinations with a steadily increasing tourist population reaching 4.4 million in 2005 and a population driven and motivated to provide the best services to the visitors.  The country is simply teeming with attractive landscapes, snow-capped mountains, low set valleys, wind-blown plateaus, expansive vineyards, first class ski and beach resorts and beaches set on over 200km of some of the Black Sea's most beautiful coastline.  A jewel in eastern Europe, Bulgaria has enough attraction to memorize and charm even the most stoic of visitors.

Bulgaria lies on the Black Sea, sharing the western coast with Romania and Turkey, with Greece on its southern border.   If pristine white sand beaches and jagged coastline is not enough, Bulgaria also has some of the most impressive mountain ranges as it's located at the southern reach of the Balkan range, it's highest peak in the Pirin mountains reaching nearly 3000 meters.   The mountains serve for more than just ski resorts; they also have an abundance of wildlife, forests and lakes for exploring.

Bulgaria's Black Sea Coastline holds riches beyond belief.  It's sometimes difficult to fathom that such a small country could harbour such diverse environments in the abundance that Bulgaria provides; the coastline is no exception.  The sandy beaches are clean and well cared for whether you spend your time in the resorts or hunting for the special, remote, secluded beaches.  The current is mild and the temperature is warm; ideal for Bulgaria's long summer days when a morning swim is definitely on the menu for utter relaxation.  Along the coast you'll also find a multitude of spas of still mineral waters, many of which are open to the public 24 hours per day.  The north coast features high plains of vineyards, cliffs and 2000 year old Roman era ruins that make a mystical type of setting.  The rocky beaches of the north are often free from the hustle of thousands of bathers in the south.  Little known to the grand majority of tourists is that nestled on 100 meters on the beaches beneath the cliffs of the plateau are bathing spots and some of Bulgaria's best sea food restaurants.

While there is more than enough fun to be had exploring the country by your own whit, driving, hiking, sailing, rowing, biking, walking and more, Bulgaria is full of resorts.  The resorts also have a lot to offer on the coast.  The largest of them, Sunny Beach (Bulgaria's largest resort), Golden Sands and Albena are well known and attract visitors that come year after year to enjoy these cities constructed with only one goal in mind: Having the time of your life!  Many of the veterans simply buy apartments on the resorts, especially popular in Bulgaria's recent property boom.  The resorts are continually changing with new attractions appearing every year, the latest of which are three new world class golf courses. 

You'll also find a lot of cultural events along the coast in the largest of Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast cities, Varna (or Pearl of the Black Sea) and Burgas (respectively).  The small island towns of Nessebar and Sozopol are among the most charming in Europe with history going back to ancient Greece and Rome preserved in sections of the towns.  Sozopol also has one of Bulgaria's most attractive cultural festivals lasting 10 days in the beginning of September. As the cradle of modern wineries, Bulgaria has vistas in which vineyards are visible for miles around in the mountains and plains west of Nessebar and Sozopol.

Bulgaria has a lot of offer for all of the seasons.  From late autumn till mid spring Bulgaria's three most popular ski resorts are open.  Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo (which are in contest to hold a Winter Olympics event) are among the best resorts in Europe.  These resorts are set in the Pirin and Rhodope mountains, the former of which carries the tallest peak in the Balkans.  The mountains offer more than just some of the best skiing and boarding available.  They have a number of lakes and forests that are simply remarkable in the early autumn for camping, hiking and living outdoors for weeks at a time in the mild weather.

Further south, the capital of Bulgaria's wine culture, Melnik sits in rocky mountains close to the Greek boarder.  Many, Bulgarians and foreigners alike visit Melnik to tour the vineyards, sample the wine and visit the monasteries which are numerous in the hills and mountains of the southwest.   The winding mountain roads and multitude of small rivers, lakes and damns make for an enjoyable landscape and would satisfy any outdoor-centric individual.

With an abundance of high classed resorts, divine beaches, stunning mountains and forests, vibrant animal life, some of the friendliest people you'll have the pleasure of meeting and the surprisingly low prices make Bulgaria a wonderful regular holiday destination, especially well suited to family holidays.  There are few places that can compete in both the resort and tourist activities, a culture and people that are open, welcoming and warming as well as an abundance of natural and compelling reasons to visit this country for more than just a swim in clean waters.

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