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There are numerous proofs of the presence of ancient civilizations on the territory of Gabrovo and they can be traced back to the Neolithic time. Because of the natural cross- road location of these lands between the Mediterranean and the North, between the East and the West they were inhabited by different nations and tribes trough the years, leaving parts of their heritage, culture and traditions. It reached economic importance in 12th century when the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was declared Veliko Tarnovo. Crafts and trade prospered and Gabrovo became famous for its handy blacksmiths and tailors. In fact there is a story telling the founding of Gabrovo by a young blacksmith who used to shoe the horses of the caravans traveling to and from the mountains. Near the furnace of the young blacksmith there was a hornbeam (in Bulgarian- gabar) and they named the place Gabrovo. Nowadays there is a monument of Racho Kovacha (this was his name) on a small rocky island in the Yantra River in the central part of the town. Shortly after the Liberation of Bulgaria it developed into an industry centre, joint-stock companies emerged, factories were built. The town is well- known for its Bulgarian National Revival architecture.
The town is famous with the fact that it is the longest town in Bulgaria, stretching 25 km along the two banks of Yantra River, at the foot of Central Balkan Mountains. Taking a walk along, visitors may look at the Museum of Humor and Satire serving as a cultural institute, the gallery or the Museum of education at the Aprilov Gymnasium. Probably the most prominent is the Etar Architectural Ethnographic complex. It is an authentic settlement that has preserved the atmosphere of the National Revival Period where visitors may scrutinize the customs and the craftsmanship of that time. In fact there are 25 exposed crafts 19 of which are revived. Other worth-visiting places are the architectural reserve Bozhentsi and Dryanovo Monastery and the winter resort Uzana. Another interesting fact about Gabrovo region is that it is the ecologically cleanest region in Bulgaria. Therefore there is great number of preconditions for the development of tourism in all its variations- cultural, ecotourism, recreational, rural and archaeological. The progress of the tourism relates to the increased demands for residential buildings. Specialists observe great dynamics on the property market in the region. Properties are bought, let or sold; investors buy land- agricultural, building plots and industrial terrains. Houses and apartments are the property types that are mostly demanded therefore offered. Prices are still relatively low. Of course newly built ones are more expensive but bought off-plan this diminishes the price. Other property types that are invested in are the hotels, restaurants and cafes in order to meet the demands of the increasing number tourists and visitors of the town. The region enjoys favorable economic environment, people also invest in purchases of shops, supermarkets and even petrol stations. The industry in the region marks stable growth that is why major investors buy entire factories and start profitable large-scale business.
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