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NEW hot spot with Bulgaria property

Pomorie, a town with a 100 -year history, comprises of two parts. The old one is located on a peninsula, to which only one narrow road is leading. As it becomes for a reputable town with rich history, it is densely built, with narrow curvet streets, expressive and even electrical (usually the local guides proudly tell about few buildings designed in "Modern" style).The new town is located on the continental part and according to tourist guides it does not step back to the old town with its places of sightseeing -its quarters are rectangular, filled with numerous small hotels offering luxurious rooms and the new developments fascinate with individuality of the projects.

Pomorie is a balanced and calm resort. It does not press its guests with the places of historic interest though one can find here some quite interesting architectural monuments.

All these facts can explain why during last years the population in Pomorie, recently counting 14 000 people, is increasing fast. The place is attractive also for foreigners buying their second home in Bulgaria.

The Irish become pioneers in Pomorie real estate market - enterprising and with eyes towards the future. Their presence has been so massive that locals call the first resort complex in Pomorie "Irish village".

On the property market in Russia one can find also Pomorie estates such as vast apartments (for example 5 bedroom apartment with total area of 240 sq .m. offered at the price of 270 000 EUR), mini-hotel (comprising 14 rooms, three star category, situated in the old part of the town, 300 m. from the sand beaches offered at the price of 450 000 EUR) However most preferred are residences in the newly developed complexes and apartment houses. This has of course its logic explanation; such an estate in resort is not difficult to be rented. Despite this, prices rise with quick rates, so once investing you can expect very good profit.

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