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The town of the sun - that is how the ancient Greeks called Obzor. The small town located between Varna and Bourgas, like the other towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has a long history and attracts the visitors with the remains from the ancient times. Promenading in the small park of the town, people can scrutinize the remains left by the ancient Greeks, lined with the fragments of a Roman temple of Jupiter. The Roman presence can be observed also by the Roman fortress. Later on the Medieval Bulgarians built their own fortress called Kozyak fortress. If you get tired examining the great civilizations’ remains, the vast beach draws irresistibly. The beach line is the largest on the Black Sea coast, while the woods behind bring the fresh and cool air, so needed in the hot summer days. In fact these natural peculiarities were appraised in 1925 when Obzor was first built up with summer villas and holiday homes. In present days the town is constantly developing, providing more and more accommodations and entertainments for the tourists. Realized the tourism boom in Bulgaria provident investors have built or bought small family hotels. Foreigners once came to Obzor find the place ideal to have their summer home. This is the reason many Bulgarian and foreign companies to invest in construction of residential buildings whether houses, villas or apartments. Off-plan apartments are mostly preferred because of the possibilities they give to their owners. At the stage of completion the price of the apartment is already higher due to the market forces and the owner may resell it at a profit. Of course more profitable is to gain constant income by letting it to holiday makers. The third option is to keep it, enjoying the fact that he has a holiday home at such a nice place like Obzor. The enlargement and the development of the town as a popular beach resort yet are being imminent and this is the reason the property prices to be relatively low compared to the famous beach resorts. In parallel to the residential buildings construction, there is a necessity of entertainment facilities to meet the increasing number tourists’ demands. So it is considered advantageous to buy or rent a restaurant, bars and cafes. Shops are mostly rented. The town has great development potential so do not hesitate but look at the offers the Bulgarian real estate market holds out, presented in our comprehensive website.
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